Features Of Distance Education

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The self-education, Certificationsbuzz.com which is a high level of interest and commitment of using this modality. The responsibility of learning lies with the student, who must plan and organize their time to meet the course requirements below. Will also be developed, as are many stimuli environment that attempt against the systematic study.

Another highlight is the use of multiple media to achieve the goals proposed. Along with written material, also donates instructional and educational messages for Radio, by television, by audio cassettes, videocassettes by, for software and virtual classrooms via the Internet. All these mean do not exclude the teacher acquires a new dimension in their work professionally.

In the distance learning process, defined in the previous section, one can point still further features that allow sharpen this type of instruction.

Is the answer to many questions that arise against the social fact of education? Given the continuing concern about the need and right of continuing education, online mba education is a viable alternative, as it facilitates lifelong learning strategies. Normally the population it serves is adults who want to start or continue studies or graduate renewal or improvement, without taking them out of context work, social and family life. The latter overcomes the classical barrier between school and life, since the student is not separate from their environment. Moreover, given the social coverage can reach, the more real equality of opportunity, so it becomes a response to demand democratic education.

From the point of view of the processes curricular credited experience and previous knowledge of the student, allowing a truly meaningful learning. The contribution of the theory in the constructivist distance education an excellent scope. This type of education is academically challenging, especially for the features that users must develop as prerequisites: skills reading comprehension, identifying and solving problems of analysis and critique, ability to properly investigate and report the results. Although the study is individual, not rule work in small groups, even more, is recommended.

In the role of teacher, the teacher becomes a facilitator of learning, a creator of innovative means situations that allow students to achieve changes in behavior and the development of skills.

The quality of design and instructional resources employees are critical to achieving excellence in learning. The evaluation of training, learning and meaningful for domain, individualized instruction, the appropriate use of new media in presenting information and individual skills development are core concepts of Educational Technology in the ionline education acquire great relevance.

Consistent with the above, the contributions of the psychology of learning are critical at the time of planning and implementing instructional situations and distance training. The existing agreements around the achievement of learning, in the mode we are discussing an appropriate response. Despite the differences between the different theories, there are clear areas of agreement, among which are the following:
Student-active role.
- Respect for individual differences.
- Motivation.
-Flexible use of time.
-Professor facilitator.
-Use of knowledge and skills acquired.
-Formative Assessment.
The specialists in the field of development of non-face learning experiences have developed a set of principles that are consistent with the aspects mentioned above.

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